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Rediscover You - Taming the Mind Retreat

October 16-18 Paradise Island Bahamas

I have been a longtime member of the Sivananda Ashram family and graduated from their Yoga Teacher Training in 2010. That was the fourth of six Yoga Teacher trainings I have completed.

In 2012 I received my Master’s Degree in Yoga. Since then I have been writing books, teaching, researching, and continuing to study with my professor at Yoga-Samskrutham University. Recently I took a couple of classes at Oxford University, all in pursuit of a PhD.

The challenge question I wrote for this higher title is,

“…to teach people to meditate so that they know that they are.”

This double entendre holds the idea of understanding what the state of meditation feels like through the five bodily senses and also the deepest meaning of the Vedas regarding what we really are as stardust and Divine matter.

A few years back I earned the moniker of, “Mind-Tamer.”

To me it exemplifies the way I teach through joyful experiences and profound tangible understanding of what a quiet, empty mind feels and looks like. This can be daunting to a beginner.

My techniques are easy and quick to give you sensations of peace, love, and understanding!

Experience this with me October 16-18, 2024!

Let's bask in the warm turquoise waters of Paradise Island, Bahamas

as we relax our minds, bodies, & spirits, renewing together.

This coming October 16-18, 2024 I am dusting off my passport and heading to the Bahamas to lead you on a Yoga Vacation Retreat at my beloved ashram. Join me and experience what it feels like to reside in an authentic living temple with puja ceremonies daily. Relax on one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever wiggled my toes in the sand of. This is saying a lot as I have been to 30 countries and have enjoyed many exotic beaches.

Let’s go!

Taming the Mind

with Ambika Devi

Included in my Retreat

  • Two delicious, homemade vegetarian meals every day.
  • Two daily yoga classes, you can choose one or both in the morning and afternoon.
  • My Yoga Vacation Program workshop midday.
  • The beach! Relax on a hammock or float in the gentle water.
  • Two Satsangs morning and evening that include meditation, chanting, and an inspiring discourse.

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I look forward to having you join me on this retreat. You will experience ashram life in a living temple and have an authentic immersive Yoga experience. All levels from beginner to advanced yogis are welcome!

With Love,

Ambika Devi