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Increase your understanding of the Body, Mind, and Spirit connection. Lift your levels of self-esteem and self-love as you come to understand your place in the the universe.

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6x international award winning author

Renowned public speaker

Astrology expert and transformational holistic life coach


6x international best selling award winning author

Renowned public speaker

Astrology expert and transformational holistic life coach


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Ambika’s foundational pillars:

Harmonize body, mind, and spirit






Ambika provides powerful tools

that harmonize thought and tame the mind, transforming teams from sluggish and confused to creative and successful!

In 2023, Ambika won the title of Female CEO of the Year for Most Inspirational Workplace Communications Specialist from CEO Monthly and Global AI. She delivers powerful tools that stabilize your relationships, improve your health, and restore harmony in communication.

With 47 years of experience, 13,500 plus hours of study, and over 20,000 success stories from clients, she puts you precisely on target equipped with her Mind-Taming techniques, multiple degrees in fields of research and education that include a master’s degree in Yoga and Meditation, bachelor’s degrees in Astrology, and Fine Arts, and as an international best-selling and award-winning author.

Ambika Devi (PhD(c) MA BA, BFA, shines the light of knowledge on Body, Mind, and Spirit. The International Yoga Alliance engages her as a consultant calling her a walking university of information. Her expertise in overcoming anxiety, restoring sleep, repairing communication and relationships, and advancing your decision-making.

On a peace-building mission, Ambika reveals your true nature so that you can step out of the churning river of thoughts and activity of the mind and stop wearing insane schedules like badges of honor, reinforced with the skills of meditation. Her methods ignite your intuition and increase your self-esteem.

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Ambika is an engaging speaker and storyteller with a wealth of knowledge. She guides you with a passion for peace so that you realize outward success, and reach a greater level of health and happiness. Read and subscribe to her blog where you can read or listen to her enlightened articles. Choose your preferred channel to listen to her podcast to immerse yourself in her deep rooted wisdom.

Meditate with Ambika Podcast

Ambika's topics include holistic wellness, energy, creativity, and manifesting peace in communication and relationships. Her storytelling enlivens interviews and captivates the listener so much so, that she is often invited back as a repeat guest. Her own Meditate with Ambika podcast meditation podcasts has episodes including soothing guided creative visualization style meditation, primordial sound to tame the mind and knowledge sessions.

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Watch this recent interview of Ambika and hire her as a guest on your show or  a speaker for your next event. Hosting a retreat? Ambika’s guided meditations are designed specifically to your needs and help participants relax into the experience. She has years of experience as a retreat leader and workshop presenter and loves to collaborate!

Interviews of Ambika

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Ambika Devi on

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Are you craving a happier, healthy work-life balance? How rooted and centered are you? Ambika’s methods give you greater levels of feeling in harmony with yourself, and the world around you. You deserve to feel fulfilled in all areas of your life.

Choosing Ambika as your coach gives you the gifts of clarity and guidance you deeply desire.

Feel peaceful, creative, healthy, energized, and in the NOW!

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