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Ambika Devi, Mind-Tamer

Namaste, I am your Meditation Jedi.

A 20 minute session with me can give you the restful sensation of four hours of deep,
rejuvenative sleep.

YES, I am ready to get focused and clear – like a breath of fresh air.

Namaste, I am your Meditation Jedi.

A 20 minute session with me can give you the restful sensation of four hours of deep, rejuvenative sleep.

YES, I am ready to get focused and clear – like a breath of fresh air.

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Ambika Devi, Yogini Yoda

I have been meditating since the age of six, teaching meditation since 1977 and received my Masters degree in the education of Yoga and Meditation in 2012. My favorite techniques that I teach to students are Pranayama—Yogic breathing techniques and Primordial sound techniques. I find these give beginners a strong tangible experience of what the meditative state feels like through all of their senses.

My philosophy

Yoga is a science and philosophy of life that gets us out of our minds and into the cosmic ocean of oneness where intuition leads. A body, mind and spirit in harmony makes good choices that promote well-being. Yoga equals meditation. This is its purpose.

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Get to know Yogini Yoda

Meditating since the age of six, Ambika Devi has devoted her life to the study and teaching of meditation. She is  scholar of Yoga with expert knowledge of the philosophy teachings of the Far Eastern Mystery Schools. Her rich storytelling has won her international awards as a best-selling author and indie publisher.

She empowers you to expand your creativity by showing you how to open the door to the unified field of consciousness through the state of meditation. An expert in the breathwork of Yoga called Pranayama, Ambika gives you techniques to use right away that calm the body, mind, and spirit.

Her degrees in varied fields of study, include: A Masters in Yoga and Meditation, and bachelor’s degrees in Astrology, and Fine Arts.

Inhale her passion and be guided to find inner peace, outward success, and an to take an expansive leap into your health and happiness.

Ambika has appeared on The Learning Channel, network radio and as the number one most downloaded teacher on the international Meditation Podcast. Her own Meditate with Ambika podcast gives you free guided creative visualization style meditations that to calm the mind, soothe the heart, inspire creativity, and help you sleep.

She appears in periodicals as a relationship and communication expert and taught Holistic Health at the university level for 21 years.

Are you seeking a true guide to help you navigate life? Contact Ambika to enhance your forward journey and reach your highest potential!

Learn to Meditate with Ambika


Zoom Lessons secure and private
Breath is the action of the most vital life force for our bodies. Learning to control the breath gives us power to control the mind and it is the easiest way to launch into the state of meditation. Strengthening the breath is the first step in a life-long practice of meditation..
Ambika teaches you foundational techniques to breathe like a Yogi. Learn the four vital breaths: 1. Deergha Swasam, the Three step breath the foundation 2. Ujjiya the Victorious Breath 3. Nadi Shodhana Alternate Nostril Breathing 4. Bhramari Breath, the Breath of the Goddess of Bees..
Ambika teaches you learn the philosophy and practice of four intermediate level vital breaths: 1. Anuloma Viloma The Going with the Grain Breath. 2. Kapalabhati The Skull Shining Breath. 3. Sitali the Cooling Breath. 4. Samavritti The Square Breath..


Custom Private Sessions on Zoom
Guided meditation with hypnotic suggestion to give you the deep rejuvenative sleep you crave. Holistic and lifestyle counseling are part of longer sessions..
Guided meditation with hypnotic suggestion to change habit from challenges to healthy choices. Custom created for your specific needs. Sessions can also include coaching for intentions and manifestation..
Guided Meditation and creative visualization to manifest what you desire. Sessions can also include coaching for intentions and manifestation. Guided Meditation and creative visualization to manifest what you desire. Sessions can also include coaching for intentions and manifestation..

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Meditate with Ambika Podcast

A great way to relax and begin to find the state of meditation is with creative visualization in the guided meditation style. People say I have the perfect voice to launch them into the the state of deep relaxation. A 20 minute session with me can give you the restful sensation of four hours of deep, rejuvenative sleep.

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Taming the Mind

If the mind is engaged in following something you are not meditating yet. You are still trying to relax. This is why when you are listening to a guided meditation you might drift into sleep or you could come to a realization later that you somehow missed a large chunk of the words being spoken. I do not recommend using video for this as it is putting too much blue light into your body and this prevents you from really letting go into the meditative state. When you are trying to focus on something you are closer to centering then the true state of meditation.

All meditation gateways potentially lead to the full-bodily-felt sensation of the deep-trance-state. This is our true state of being. This is where the boundaries of the seeming edges of the physical body disappear and we merge into the state of oneness where we are pure energy. Indeed meditation is a stress reliever. In the meditative state we have the ability to tap into the unified mind. We become one with the greater where—everything is alive and everything is interconnected.

Here is the secret sauce: It is best to stay focused on relaxing. Forcing the mind and engaging it with a topic is exhausting. Just drift and float in the relaxed state of meditation once you feel it. Therefore watching or listening to YouTube is counterproductive.

To find brilliant insights and gain information from your practice of meditation—and it is an on-going practice—is after you have been in the deep-trance-state and you begin to realize that you are in a body once again. It is a good idea to keep the eyes closed at this point. This is where the brilliance happens so be sure to have a journal near by to write everything down!

Mind, Body, Spirit

Yoga is for the Mind. Ayurveda is for the Body. Jyotisha is for the Spirit. These are three daughters of the Vedas that dance in harmony to inspire for wholeness, happiness and health for us. Therefore, I suggest the main reason to do any Yoga posture is to make space in the body in order to meditate. In a meditative state the body rights itself."
~Ambika Devi MA July 15, 2014


I realize I am blowing up some preconceived ideas. There are postures in Yoga Asana that indeed provide specific benefits to the organs, systems and parts of the body. Given a particular body type and the state of the individual, modifications may be necessary. The main reason to practice any form of Yoga posture is to become loose in the joints so the practitioner can sit and meditate


In the age old wisdom of the Vedas, four books of science and knowledge from the ancient eastern lands there is a concept written: आत्मानं विद्धि pronounced AtmAnaM viDhi. It is the phrase, "Know Thyself." This is one of the true purposes of Meditation and the Psychic Arts. AtmAm is the nature of one's soul, the true self. This is the light and energy that science is just now acknowledging regarding what we human beings truly made of. This esoteric statement is poetically teaching is this:

1. Direct experience is the foundation of true knowledge.

2. In order to truly experience anything, one must fully merge with it or become one with it.

3. The experiences one has determine the quality and ability to fully merge into the state of meditation.

4. All dualities must be embraced and unified. One must move beyond, “I like it, I don’t like it,” and be fully immersed in, and unified with the experience.

5. It is human nature to avoid dualities. This is a quality of beta behavior. Therefore we must push through and embrace seemingly uncomfortable situations. How do you accomplish this? If you believe you do not like something, can you accept that others do? Can you be comfortable in a situation that you normally avoid? Can you immerse yourself in what you perceive as uncomfortable and find acceptance?

6. In your quest, the mind identifies obstacles. The mind fools you. You are not the mind. The mind is a tool that you have a unique connection to. It is exterior. The mind constructs what you perceive as reality.

Strive to find the light in your own being and in the being of others and all things. The greatest gift the world has to offer you is knowledge. Realize there is no such thing as time for you truly are an infinite being wearing the cloak of a physical body, like the robes of a wizard. Become fully absorbed in all experiences and wear your wizardly robes humbly.

When you are able to become fully absorbed in situations and fully embrace them, there is no possibility of being disturbed or distracted. Duality confuses the mind to perceive that all things are separate from the observer. Just as in the words of Cicero, and the motto of Grey School of Wizardry where I teach a major in Meditation, “Omnia vivunt, omnia inter se conexa,” which translates to, “Everything is alive, everything is connected,” we must not just accept the statement but become it! Practice silencing the mind in the deep-trance-state of meditation and know thyself!

Ambika’s Blog

I have a lot to teach you about Meditation and your relationship to thought and the mind. Read my articles on my blog, written with Yoga Wisdom, Humor, and Love!

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