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Cupid is a Bastard includes a not so heart-shaped conversation with the God of Love, supernatural dream-scape visions, HOT memories, whirling prose, and chocolate. Yes, there is chocolate

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About the Author

Ambika Devi is an international award-winning, best-selling author, expert astrologer, meditation Jedi, speaker and storyteller. Her backpack is always stuffed with colored pens, a journal, a Kindle, and a deck of Tarot Cards

Her novel, Lilith, won finalist in the International Book Awards in 2015 and her second book, Unfolding Happiness, is named one of the Top Hundred Indie published books of 2016. In 2017, she received the title of one of the 50 Great Writers you should be reading by the Authors’ Show. In 2018 Ambika won the category of Best Literary Artist in the mARTies 

Ambika’s third book, The Wizard and The Wrench, has been called, “A word-fest fit for the finest gourmands of linguistic delicacies.” This book is a collection of her poetry, photography, and drawings. Her fourth book, “Identifying and Honoring the Goddess” is packed with great knowledge in cross-comparing the many goddess archetypes from a variety of mythologies which inspired the idea for her most recent book Cupid is a Bastard.

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Cupid is a Bastard

By Ambika Devi

The new book by international award-winning author, Ambika Devi includes a not-so-heart-shaped conversation with the God of Love, supernatural dream-scape visions, HOT memories, whirling prose, and chocolate. Yes, there is chocolate.

Paperback | Kindle

Unfolding Happiness

By Ambika Devi and Vijay Jain, MD

Unfolding Happiness is a beautiful introduction to Ayurveda

In it, Ambika and Vijay share their heartfelt stories and guidance that lead you to a state of happiness and understanding what healthy truly is. This knowledge blossoms forth through the wisdom of Ayurveda and her sister sciences of Yoga and Meditation and our cosmic connection to nature. Things you can try at home and a concise Sanskrit glossary make this a must read!

Top 100 Indie Books of 2016
Paperback | Kindle | Audiobook


By Ambika Devi

In this Mystical trip through dreamscapes and the streets of South Philadelphia, we follow a feisty heroine as she engages in conversations with her guardian nature spirits, has flashbacks about her family and realizations about relationships and love.

Ambika’s winding tale, teaches you the great mystery teachings of the Vedas that give our lives purpose!

Winner New Age Fiction Finalist in the 2015 International Book Awards
Paperback | Kindle | Audiobook

The Wizard and the Wrench

By Ambika Devi and Dominic Albanese

A collection of poetry, art, and photography
sure to ignite your senses.

Paperback | Kindle | Audiobook

Identifying and Honoring the Goddess

By Ambika Devi

The Great Mother Goddess appears to all cultures as each has a creation story. The creatrix power is the force of nature. When we begin to cross compare the idea of a great mother of us all we have the ability to appreciate diversity in greater capacity through the eyes of siblings. It is the hopes of this author that we as a family of human beings can learn through a greater understanding of the fact that we are all interconnected and the everything is very much alive

Paperback | Kindle | Audiobook

Identificando y Honrando a la Diosa

Spanish Edition By Ambika Devi

La Gran Diosa Madre aparece en todas las culturas, ya que cada una tiene una historia de creación. El poder de la creadora es la fuerza de la
naturaleza. Cuando empezamos a comparar la idea de una gran madre de todos nosotros, tenemos la habilidad de apreciar la diversidad en mayor capacidad, a través de los ojos de hermanos. Es la esperanza de esta autora que nosotros, como familia de seres humanos, podamos aprender a través de una mayor comprensión del hecho de que todos estamos interconectados y que todo está muy vivo

Paperback | Kindle | Audiobook


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