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The stars are here to guide us, and I am your navigator!

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The Red Moon Total Lunar Eclipse May 15-16, 2022

The Red Moon Total Lunar Eclipse May 15-16,2022 Listen here I’ve been going through a metamorphosis, a complete transformation rebirth, thank the Goddess. As I look back over the past 15 years I see moments…
Ambika Devi
May 15, 2022

Three Knots that Bind

Requisite binding Holding us on Fortune’s Wheel Obliviousness Is it really possible to laugh your final laugh? I don’t think so. What I believe is that we can only go as high as we are…
Ambika Devi
May 13, 2022

Be a Lotus Flower

The many varieties of lotus flowers are incredibly beautiful. This flower grows with its roots held deep in absolute muck. Think about this, something so delicate and glowing, a flower with a subtle scent that…
Ambika Devi
April 20, 2022