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Ambika Devi, Mind-Tamer

I provide powerful tools that harmonize thought and tame the mind!

With 47 years of teaching & publishing on the topic of Body, Mind, & Spirit, talks and trainings transform your team bringing you success!

I provide powerful tools that harmonize thought and tame the mind!

With 47 years of teaching & publishing on the topic of Body, Mind, & Spirit, talks and trainings transform your team bringing you success!

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Ambika Devi, Mind-Tamer

As a Mind-Tamer, I coach individuals and speak to groups on the Body, Mind, and Spirit connection. My tools and techniques come from the science of life which is Yoga. Many have ideas of yoga being an exercise program to help the body become flexible but its true gift is teaching us about what we truly are, our purpose, and the art of steadying thoughts and quieting the mind so that we can find ourselves in the state of Meditation.

With my guidance and decades of consulting and counseling, I give you tools that repair communication, increase vitality, heal relationships, and boost your level of happiness.

I believe that mindset and limiting beliefs must be transformed to illuminate the path to success. Working with me initiates breakthroughs for businesses, careers, and personal relationships.

Are you and your team struggling with a lack of growth and communication blockages?

I provide you with powerful tools that help resolve anger and frustration issues, calm jumbled thoughts, and improve communication so that creativity and productivity are rejuvenated and restored.

In 2023 I was awarded CEO of the Year for Most Innovative Communications Specialist by CEO Monthly.

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As a speaker, Ambika’s expert knowledge of thought and the mind are crafted into engaging storytelling that give audiences effective tools proving that they can change neural pathways and transform thought loops. This harmonizes the workplace environment, increases productivity, and unifies your team.

Companies for which Ambika has delivered Keynotes, appeared on panels and provided in-service retreats for include: Lee Health Florida, TEDx AUBG, Vedara Texas, and Business Freedom, Norway. She has appeared on TLC-The Learning Channel, syndicated and public radio, NY Public access television, is a recurring guest on podcasts and vlogcasts, and taught holistic health at the university level for 21 years. Currently she is an advisor and consultant for the international Yoga Alliance.

With 46 years of experience, 13,500 plus hours of study and having taught over 20,000 people the art of meditation, Ambika gives three clear steps that lead you directly into a deep state of meditation. An author of six international best-selling and award-winning books inspire the changes you crave. As a coach and workshop leader, she places you precisely on your path using tools from her multiple degrees in fields of study including: A Masters in Yoga and Meditation, and bachelor’s degrees in Astrology, and Fine Arts and her decade of research as a PhDc.

Join her peace-building mission helping people realize that thought is the architect of reality and that happiness is our true nature. She is here to help you navigate the roadmap of life by showing you how to step out of the churning river of thoughts and activity of the mind, stop wearing insane schedules like badges of honor and gets your team grounded and focused. Her methods  restore harmony, ignite ideation, and mend communication.

Ambika brings your team together and gives them tools that improve communication, increase levels of concentration and strengthen trust. Engage Ambika to speak at your next event.

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Abstracts, Keynote speeches, and Workshop Topics

Thought is the architect of the mind. Imagine the first pop of an idea that becomes a spoken utterance. It happens so quickly that we do not have time to grasp the moment. We all experience the sub-vocalization of the mind. It creates many emotions that affect our ability to communicate clearly. This harms our productivity and our overall well-being.

Learning to control our breathing is the quickest and most effective way to change our thought paths. I know it sounds simple and truthfully it is. Unfortunately, most of us are not taught this as children. Can you imagine the peace a quiet mind would give you? Would you experience more joy? How would this affect the way you react to situations, and people, and change the way that you see the world? What would this do for your organization?


  • A greater understanding of the mind.
  • Clarity about Thought Loops and Neuroplasticity.
  • How to back up from thought so that you can observe it rather than react to it becoming caught in a Thought Loop.

Addition Takeaways in a Workshop setting

  • Participants experience three methods of launching into the state of meditation.
  • A greater understanding that what I think and feel is different from others.
  • A deeper level of compassion.

Watch this TEDx AUBG panel discussion of me talking about taming the mind here.

Your participation in the event was an absolute delight to experience. We were not expecting this amount of engagement and it is all thanks to you. We’re absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback we’ve received in the last couple of days. Again Thank you!

Desilava Arnaudova, TEDx AUBG Speakers Team

Words have power. Our brain sees the ideas formed in speech and translates them into images. We cannot assume that others are seeing our ideas exactly as we do. When communication breaks down the original bond of trust becomes calloused like a foot that walks without a boot for a very long time. This shakes our faith while damaging relationships and hinders creativity and productivity.

Relationships are giant classrooms filled with lessons about communication. Wanting others to see things our way creates tension through miscommunications that lead to hurt feelings resulting in alienation. This destructive path of energy prevents harmonious working environments and makes it impossible to achieve the goals needed to meet essential deadlines. Having a greater understanding of the power of our words, how to manage thought, and how our brains interpret the meanings of the words we use gives us the necessary tools to negotiate speed bumps in relationships of all types with grace so that we avoid hitting walls.

  • Understand the way thought becomes speech.
  • Vital tools that are proven to slow thought down and quiet mind-chatter.
  • How to communicate with intention and integrity.
  • Understanding that what we say affects us as much as the people we are speaking with.
Addition Takeaways in a Workshop setting
  • Experience three methods of launching into the state of meditation.
  • A greater understanding that our thoughts and feelings are different from those of others.
  • A deeper level of compassion for self and all sentient beings.
Watch these short videos about taming the mind here. There was this magical ah-ha moment when listening to Ambika. I felt like she gave me the key to work through a pattern that had been occurring in my relationships both personal and with clients that I know is life changing. Ambika clearly identified exactly what I was experiencing in my personal relationships and with my team that I knew I was causing harm. The clarity she gave me opened me up to a new way of thinking and being. Ambika is a gifted and amazing guide! Régine Nicholas, serial entrepreneur

Do you doubt your ability to change thought patterns? Ambika delivers tools that prove you have the superpower of mind-taming. This demonstrates instantly that thought can be shifted from disruptive to smooth and glassy—like a peaceful lake and reveals your ability to create new healthier patterns with a clear understanding of neural plasticity. Take home a profound knowing that inner peace is attainable for everyone.

Learn more by reading this article.


  • A greater understanding of Auto-suggestions and Neuroplasticity.
  • Improve communication and productivity.
  • How to back up from thought to become the observer of it rather than becoming caught in a thought loop.
  • Upgrading of relationships to self and others.

Thank you for the amazing experience you created for the LMHS Lean Transformation Team for our team-building retreat. You far surpassed the goals I had for a team building and stress management workshop. Your ability to integrate the philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation while making it accessible to novice and experienced students at the same time is truly masterful. The team and I are enjoying the ripple effects of the bliss that we felt as we went through the day. You are a consummate professional, devoted teacher, and caring guide on our path up the mountain. I am grateful for our partnership in this weekend spent with you.

Lee Memorial Healthcare Systems, hired by Roger Chen, VP of Organization and Management

Per the philosophy of Ayurveda, Meditation, and Far Eastern cosmology, Ambika unpacks and defines the meaning and origin of Mind, Body Spirit. The science known as Ayurveda translates to life-knowledge. Unfolding Happiness gives listeners tools to begin their transformation into greater levels of energy and wellness by building a strong foundation of knowledge, including heartfelt stories and a better understanding of what health is.

Ambika’s second book, Unfolding Happiness, won a spot in the Top 100 Indie Published Books of 2016 and is available to gift to your audience members.

Visit here to learn more about my books.

Watch this reel About Unfolding Happiness.


  • Unfolding Happiness educates your audience on the Three Pillars of Life.
  • Lifestyle, this includes our environment and what we feed ourselves through media and thought.
  • Diet, affects digestion and is essential to build the cells of tomorrow that profoundly colors our emotional state.
  • Sleep, essential for the physical body and the mind to rejuvenate and relax.

On behalf of Suss and NLB, we would like to express our gratitude for your informative and exciting sharing on 31st October. We appreciate your contribution to the Time of Your Life Celebration 2020 and the 10th Anniversary Celebration of SUSS’ Gerontology Program Writing your Memoir for Silver Voices for the Singapore Library conference.

National Library Board, Singapore

The mind is a sponge absorbing all of the information that fills our thoughts. Our speech patterns program our choices, actions, and their outcomes. Thoughts have color, weight, and form. They are the architects of the mind. Your audience gains knowledge about the mechanics of a perfectly crafted phrase that has the ability to remove negative thought as it unlocks the door for innovation and ideation. This creates clear communication for your team and strengthens your organization. I give you the right tools so that you can reign in the power of thought.

Learn more here.


  • A greater understanding of the mind.
  • A clear understanding that thought is the architect of the mind and perceived reality.
  • A deeper understanding about meditation and the motivation to believe that you can do this.

Read and listen to this article about Auto-suggestions and how we are constantly doing this.

Watch these short videos to learn more about our relationship with the mind, thought, and meditation.

Ambika’s melodious voice and vast knowledge of energy and all of the body’s systems, means your can relax and trust that she will guide you to exactly the right place of surrender, and when you let go, it allows you to experience deep and total rest. I was literally knocked out by her guided meditation!

Ruth Owen Emotional Therapist for Women

A thought-loop can be described as the experience of being trapped within a chain of thoughts that are rife with emotions. These loops are recurrent and repeat over and over again in a cycle like a hamster spinning on a wheel. Thought-loops show up when triggered by several feelings and sensations through our senses. It can be very challenging to quiet the mind when a thought-loop sequence occurs. In addition, these can make it very difficult to concentrate, communicate and wreak havoc on our physical and emotional bodies. Incessant looping destroys creativity, robs us of sleep, and weakens the immune system.

Much of what creates these thought-loops are the pictures that words form inside of our brains’ perceptive functions. As the words spill out in circling loops we find ourselves caught in a swirling spiral of negative thoughts that trigger emotions. So, how do we stop the wheel and get off?

In a keynote I explain the what and why of Thought-Loops and give the sensation of stopping them temporarily so that the audience understands what a clear and quiet mind feels like.

In a workshop setting, I take the participants through a process of identifying their most prominent thought-loop and its elements. I then break the participants into groups and guide them to identify a powerful two-word phrase that cancels out challenging and negative emotional states. To top it off, I lead a combination of guided meditation and creative visualization combined with self-hypnosis.

Please read this article about my quest to tame the mind here.


  • A clear understanding of how thought-loops create barriers in our relationship to self and others.
  • Clarity about neuroplasticity.
  • The knowledge of why a peaceful mind clears the way for good decision-making, a unified team, and creative ideation.

Ambika guided me to clear a nagging though loop with her depth of knowledge and skill. This helped me identify fears I had been holding concerning conflict with a family member. In our session she guided me to create what feels like a secret-password that instantly brings me a full sense of being grounded and knowing that I am safe, secure, and confident with the energy to move forward. I am grateful for working with this extraordinary coach.

Rusti Lehay Word Quest

Midlife Mindset Reset

Master the Art of Self-Love

Master the art of maneuvering Midlife. Lucie Q. interviews Ambika to unearth the intricate relationship between our thoughts and their influence on outcomes as Ambika uncover the wonders of neuroplasticity and its pivotal role in reshaping our mind.

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Celestial Insights and Soulful Transformations

This episode is part of the award winning season for this podcast in the categories of Mental Health and Wellness for 2023!


Host Avik Chakraborty and Ambika discuss nurturing mind, body, and spirit for inner peace and increasing self-love.

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Finalize your speech and get ready to inspire your audience. You are one talk away from your next great relationship, your next big sale, and your next promotion!.
Create your signature speech. Never have to memorize or write a speech and dazzle your audiences. Learn special methods to have you sounding confident!.
Prepare to speak and get over stage-fright for good! Vocal warm-ups and exercises to have you sounding smooth and feeling comfortable in front of an audience..

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