Welcome, I am Ambika!

Welcome, I am Ambika!Welcome, I am Ambika!Welcome, I am Ambika!

I am an international award winning author and indie publisher of three books, an expert astrologer, and dynamic speaker. I specialize in igniting your intuitive magick, getting your creativity flowing, and putting you in touch with your inner wizard!  My pockets are filled with multiple degrees in fields of study including: A Masters in Yoga and Meditation, and bachelor’s degrees in Astrology, and Fine Arts. Stuffed inside my backpack are colored pens, a journal, a kindle, a passport full of stamps, and a deck of tarot cards. My passion is guiding individuals to find inner peace, outward success, and a greater level of health and happiness. I have appeared on The Learning Channel, radio, and in periodicals as a relationship and communication expert, taught Holistic Health at the university level for 21 years, and look forward to guiding you to reach your highest potential! 




With 43 years of experience I show you how to transform your life, calm the mind, increase productivity, career happiness, success, and build body-mind-spirit harmony and wellness. I show you how to identify the perfect choices, improve your public speaking and interview skills, identify your demographic and audience as well as the right branding and marketing with

coaching and one-on-one counseling sessions



 As an international, award-winning author and indie publisher of three  books, and an expert astrologer, I captivate my audiences with riveting and dynamic stories that Magickally weave Powerful insights that are the Keys to Transformation for Your Next Event!

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I am here to introduce you to your inner wizard! I specializes  in igniting your intuitive magick, expanding your creativity, and showing you how to tap into the unified field of consciousness through  the state of meditation. My pockets are filled with multiple degrees. Spend some time with me and I will brainwash you

into believing in yourself!

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Why I spell Magick with a, "ck"

 I  am passionate about your happiness and giving you the tools you need  to manifest your dreams. I believe that we all have the power to create  what ever we want in life and to live it fully. This is why I spell magick with a, "ck."
For me, adding the letter, "k," to this word gives it special sauce and a vitamin boost.
There was a time when there were two words to describe different types of magick. The word magic  spelled with just the, "c," meant sleight of hand, prestidigitation, and foolery. The word magick the way I spell it means the supernatural, the inexplicable. I am excited to see you infused with your own magick!  

Igniting Your Intuitive Magick!

Three topics I feel passionate about magickally weave together and are rooted in the magick of meditation!

Tips and tricks from Ambika and Roy on the Speaking Podcast

I have  the pleasure of being a frequent guest on the Speaking Podcast hosted by Roy Coughlan. Here we present tested methods that help you organize and polish your speeches. 

About Me

Magick with a ck professor

My Passions

What I've got for you!

My Passions

I have extreme wanderlust and love travel. This began as a child when my parents would take me out of school each year for a month at a time to explore, Europe and the East. In this way I was taught understanding through the music, art and food of various cultures.


As a teacher and leader I began instructing at the secondary level in 1984 and went on to teach Holistic Health at the University level in 1988. Currently I am the Dean of Psychic Arts and Professor of Divination, Psychic Arts, Magickal Practices, Healing, Lore, Natural Philosophy, and Mathemagicks at the Grey School of Wizardry. My specialty topics include: Meditation, Metaphysics, Energy Anatomy, Astrology, Divination, Mythology, Lore, and Writing. I am an expert creator of curriculum and brilliant advisor and is a mentor for Yoga-Samskrutham University.

Award-winning Author

 I adore the written word and am an award-winning author and speaker. In 2018 I won the mARTies award for excellence in literature. In 2018 and 2017 I was named one of the the Top Fifty Authors You Should Be Reading by the Author's Show. In 2016 I was named one of the Top 10 Writers of the Treasure Coast. My first novel Lilith, published by Mythologem Press, won Finalist/2nd Place in the 2015 International Book Awards for New Age Fiction. The story skillfully intertwines three myths in a mystical trip through dreamscapes and the streets of South Philadelphia. Lilith, the feisty heroine engages in conversations with her guardian nature spirits, has flashbacks about her family and realizations about relationships and love. 

My second book, Unfolding Happiness, is a collaboration with Dr. Vijay Jain. It is a treatise on the topics of happiness, health and Ayurveda which was named one of the Top hundred Indie books of 2016.

My newest book, The Wizard and The Wrench, is a compilation of poetry and photography and artwork in collaboration with Dominic Albanese. 

Astrology is called Jyotish in Sanskrit which translates to the Science of Light. It is the secret key to understanding our place and our purpose in this world.


My Roots

What I've got for you!

My Passions


I have been a professor since 1983 and began instructing at the secondary level in 1984. Later I went on to teach Holistic Health at the University level in 1988.

Currently I am the Dean of Faculty, and dean of two departments; Psychic Arts and Divination for the Grey School of Wizardry. My specialties include: Meditation, Metaphysics, Energy Anatomy, Astrology, Divination, Mythology, and Lore. I am an expert creator of curriculum and an advisor and mentor for Grey School of Wizardry as well as Yoga-Samskrutham University.


I became fascinated with sound and music as a child. For decades I toured the United States and Mexico playing Reggae, Nuevo Flamenco, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Acoustic and Kirtan at resorts, yoga centers and for private parties. I have five self-published CDs and in 2010 signed as an artist on the Invincible Music label. My most recent album "Enchantment" is a blend of world music that is as innovative as it is meditative. Some of the sacred mantras in this album are closer to the way I first heard them sung by her beloved teachers. Others began as written words, passed on to her through friends or discovered in reading. Each of the mantras in this collection is joyous, divine inspiration.

Holistic Health

I taught Holistic health at three different Colleges in three states over twenty one years. I worked as a tester for the American Massage Therapy Association for ten years and helped write the code of ethics for the National Bodywork Association as well as test questions on the examination. I studied with Master Herbalists and Aromatherapists, soothed clients as a Massage Therapist and worked as a Medical Intuitive for Acupuncturists and Chiropractors. I am well versed in electromagnetic protocols including Rife, Beck and  technologies and worked alongside master healers in clinics for 29 years. Her areas of expertise include: Soku Riku Shiatsu, Reflexology, Swedish and Deep Muscle Massage, Joint Manipulation, Aromatherapy, Chinese and Western Herbology, Blood Type and Ayurveda diet, Oriental Pathology and Reiki. My curriculum is vast and my knowledge makes me a walking reference library of information.


What I've got for you!

What I've got for you!

What I've got for you!


I ignite creativity in your group with trainings, and transformational speaking.

Topics include overcoming anxiety, restoring sleep, repairing communication, clear decision-making, intuition, and enlivening your imagination.


With 43 years of counseling experience I guide you to stabilize your relationships, improve your health, create harmony in  your environment and help you create an extraordinary life! In our authentic state of being we shall bring about the positive change needed by our planet! I have been coaching clients for 40 years to reach their highest potential.


I show you your gifts and talent and the key to discovering these in being yourself! In our authentic state of being we shall bring about the  positive change needed by our planet!

Are you seeking transformation, calming of the mind, career happiness  and success, and body-mind-spirit wholeness and wellness? I guide you  to identify the perfect career and demographic as well as branding and  marketing in one-on-one counseling.

 After publishing my second book, Unfolding Happiness,  I dedicated myself full time to bringing my message to conferences  around the world. Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, I  help connect people to the magick that is missing in their lives and  expand their vision beyond limiting beliefs. Intuition and clear  communication are key components for your team to help them shape the  future.I am here to guide you to experience your inner wizard!

My specialty topic is Magick

Yes, magick with a "ck" for this is the inexplicable! Magic with a "c" is foolery. When we experience our own unique magick our connecting with our own psychic abilities increases our capacity as ideators and creators increases exponentially.


Identify and spark your inner wizard and magickal life!


Learn to breathe like a yogi and gain vitality and energy that supercharges your creativity with my Jedi meditation techniques!

Ambika Devi Yogini Yoda Meditation Jedi Expert Vak Yoga Specialist Sanskrit Scholar Master teacher

Yogini Yoda

I am known as Yogini Yoda and have been meditating since the age of six, teaching meditation since 1977 and received my Masters degree in the education of Yoga and  Meditation in 2012. 



Yoga is a science and philosophy that teaches harmonization of the mind and promotes health and well-being. This is Meditation. I teach you to use your voice and breath and guide you into the Deep-Trance-State of Meditation. The experience brings you to a profound place of relaxation in the field of possibilities.

Ambika Devi Oslo, Norway 2019

Ambika Live in Oslo 2019 at the Business Freedom Speaking Acadamy




The Wizard and The Wrench

Unfolding Happiness

Lilith is a mystical trip through dreamscapes and the streets of South Philadelphia. We follow a feisty
heroine as she engages in conversations with her guardian nature spirits, has flashbacks about her
family and realizations about relationships and love.

The path of Lilith's story takes us on a transcendent trip through flashbacks, memories, and dreams. These unfold in conversations as the result as a chance meeting that Lilith has with a man in a cheese shop in the Italian Market.

We follow the pair on a Sunday stroll through the streets of South Philadelphia and listen to their conversation. Time skews as parallel universes collide, creating a tight folding in upon itself like the creases of a well-crafted burrito.

Stories within stories are woven with reckless abandon until every moment converges as a single point in space. All existence magickally becomes the present moment, proving that there is no such thing as time.

Lilith shares unique ideas about the origin of existence, what women want, and a candid view of what Ambika believes is going on inside the minds of men, told with a great deal of humor and insight.


Available in paperback, digital & audiobook here.

 About the underlying concepts of the story

My  book Lilith is based on three myths and inspired by my fascination with  mysticism. The original leap of faith took place when I was challenged  while receiving a degree in Astrology to write a book about astrology  that would not end up on the divination shelf of the bookstore. I had no  idea at the time that this indeed would be the seed of this novel.

The  threads and imagery held within the pages of “Lilith” are all inspired  by true happenings from my life. The fantasy is inspired by my rich  dream world and love of the world of imagination.

Most of my work  in the past few decades has been as a relationship counselor utilizing  skills in Astrology and with the Tarot cards. I have learned a great  deal through the years of loving people through their lessons and  transitions and I wanted to bring the pearls of wisdom that have come  forth through thousands of hours of session in a way that was fun summer  reading. By divine magic, the pages wrote themselves and I have been  gifted this opportunity to share the story of Lilith with all of you.

During  the writing of the book I completed my Master’s degree in the Education  of Yoga from Hindu University of America and decided to intertwine the  basic theme of my master’s thesis into the pages of “Lilith” along with  the original concepts. This all might sound a little crazy but somehow  it all rolled together like my outside-the-box concept of time being  like a burrito!

I learned a lot about patience as I allowed this  story to weave itself into existence. The entire project spanned more  than a decade. As I developed the theme for “Lilith” I received many  coaching sessions and discussions with my incredible publisher Nick  Ligidakis of Inkwell Productions. Over the years we discussed the core  concepts I was working with on the book and how to dig into my psyche to  bring up more. Nick always believed in my ability to get these ancient  themes to work in the style of a popular novel and for this I am  eternally grateful. 

What people are saying about Lilith


"As  I read, I found myself laughing with delight as I imagined one of my  favorite authors Tom Robbins ticklingly whispering in Ambika Devi's  receptive ear. Shades of "Jitterbug Perfume" meets "Still Life With  Woodpecker" in its sacredly profane/profanely sacred verbiage scattered  throughout. Although in parts, it may feel like a hallucinogenic trip  into psychedelia, it arrives by way of more natural means." 

Edie Weinstein a.k.a.  Bliss Mistress, is an Opti-mystic who sees the world through the eyes  of possibility, a colorfully creative journalist, dynamic  transformational speaker, licensed social worker, interfaith minister  and radio host, as well as the author of “The Bliss Mistress Guide To  Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary.”

"I have never, EVER met a more passionate yogini than Ambika Devi and  that passion oozes from her writing. Authentic, deep, a story that  ignites your spirit and busts loose your yoga soul on a joy ride. YES!  YES! YES!"

David Romanelli Teaches people to “Take the Pledge to Live in the Moment.”​

Lilith Novel Ambika Devi book writing Ambika's writing Mythologem Press reading

Unfolding Happiness

The Wizard and The Wrench

Unfolding Happiness


Unfolding Happiness is a beautiful introduction to Ayurveda. In it, Ambika and Vijay share  their heartfelt stories and guidance that lead you to a state of  happiness and understanding what healthy truly is. This knowledge  blossoms forth through the wisdom of Ayurveda and her sister sciences of  Yoga and Meditation and our cosmic connection to nature.

Things you can try at home and a concise Sanskrit glossary make this a must read!

Available in paperback, digital & audiobook


What people are saying about Unfolding Happiness


“Our  natural state of bliss is obscured by our thoughts, feelings, emotions,  judgment, criticism, likes, dislikes, and trauma. That’s why people are  suffering. This book brings a practical approach to unfolding inner  happiness and joy through a clinical approach to Ayurveda. It is a  helpful guide to every Ayurvedic individual who seeks happiness.”
Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc, Ayurvedic Physician
Author of Ayurveda: Science of Self-Healing: A Practical Guide and
Textbook of Ayurveda

“Happiness  resides within us, but we have forgotten how to access it and instead  run after all the new gadgets and glitter of information technology. Dr.  Vijay Jain  and Ambika Devi unfold the yogic secrets of uncompromised  and unshakeable peace and happiness so that we can move beyond all  dependencies and additions. This book makes for fascinating reading,  providing many practical tools and transformative insights as how to  discover the Ananda, or bliss, that is our true immortal nature.”
Dr. David Frawley, Director, American Institute of Vedic Studies
Teacher of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Jyotish
Padma Bhushan Awardee
Author of Shiva, the Lord of Yoga and over thirty other books

“Happiness  is our true nature, but the ego-mind hides this with attachments,  aversions, and emotions, which create illness and depression. Ambika and  Vijay reveal the insightful ancient teachings of yogic and Ayurvedic  lifestyle that removes the obstacles to inner happiness, performing  miracles in healing. Through their knowledge and inspiring personal  stories you will learn how to provide the right conditions to naturally  unfold into the state of happiness. This book will touch your heart and  transform your life.”
Yogi Amrit Desai, International Yoga Grand Master
Founder of Kripalu Yoga and Spiritual Leader of the Amrit Yoga Institute

“Unfolding  Happiness is an extraordinary book—a beautiful rendering of ancient  wisdom updated through a modern lens. The authors are well-versed in the  subject, yet the book is far from a dry exposition. The authors have  effectively woven personal stories and practical tips into every  chapter, taking readers on a journey towards unfolding happiness. No  matter where you are in your life, there is a gift for you in these  pages.”
Susan S. Freeman, Founder and President of “Step Up Leader,”
Author, and Speaker

“Enjoyable  and interactive, Unfolding Happiness illustrates and reveals the  possibility of living life as a joyous celebration through communicating  with readers. The Sanskrit glossary, with simple translations, enhances  the usability of the book for Ayurveda and Yoga readers seeking health  as the foundation of happiness.”
Dr. B.V.K. Sastry, Yoga-Samskrutham University

“Ambika  and Vijay keep it REAL! Their heartfelt stories about the small  victories and the pursuit of happiness hit just the right spot.”
Dave Romanelli, Author of Happy is the New Healthy

“When  I think about happiness now, after recently reading the intriguing  words of Unfolding Happiness by Ambika Devi and Dr. Vijay Jain, new  ideas on the subject float through my mind like kites or party balloons,  or confetti in a parade. They urge me on to explore, ruminate, play,  and luxuriate in the fantastic plethora of newfound wisdom they offer  that wafts up in a fantastical celebration of frontal cortex  enlightenment and bliss. This is not the usual tired, recycled wisdom  one typically encounters in similar books of this genre. As you might  guess, I can’t recommend this book highly enough, and sincerely thank  the authors for such a thoughtful and insightful analysis of all that  happiness means in our individual voyages through life.”
Dr. Patagonia, poet


The Wizard and The Wrench

The Wizard and The Wrench

The Wizard and The Wrench

 "A collection of poetry, sure to ignite your senses!" Mythologem Press

“The bold and brazen poetic genius of Dominic Albanese rattles in your head and cuts clear to the bone. Bukowski ain’t got nothing on this former New Yorker. Ambika Devi summons the natural rhythms of our world to the surface so that we can peer down onto the still pond of human nature.”

Ted Fauster speculative fiction author of The World of Faerel series and poet.

“Some  visionary doomed Italian Catholic lost Coney Island Americana liturgy  of angels, stripped down V-8's, tarot readings—and goils.”
Kris Saknussemm is an award-winning poet and short-story writer, novelist, painter, and head of the multimedia arts collective CLAMON .

"What  are the chances that hardware and head-wear would go hand in hand? Can  you imagine the merging of magic and mechanics? Astrologer, yoga  scholar/teacher, healer and author, Ambika Devi and Vietnam war vet, mechanic, biker dude Dominic Albanese have joined forces to co-write The Wizard and the Wrench.  This book of poetry provides a juxtaposition between the etheric and  the earthy. An image of a wizard hat and a wrench denotes the words of  each. They volley back and forth, tempting the reader to laugh and shake  their heads in knowing delight and sometimes amazement as the two share  childhood memories about crayons and the aroma of a grandmother's  cooking. Let your fancy be tickled by their words."

Edie Weinstein,  MSW, LSW is a colorfully creative journalist, inspiring speaker,  licensed social worker, interfaith minister, editor, and author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary. She calls herself an Opti-mystic who sees the world through the eyes of possibility.

"Cutting  the syllabic molecules through and through with a wizened clarity, with  the air of twisting prose delicately and sublimely into metaphysically  regulated, exquisite poetry. These two writers perpetuate positive,  syncopated ear candy—simultaneously packed with language nutrition—aixo era y no era—and  provide us with a singularly exotic pleasure. A word-fest fit for the  finest gourmands of linguistic delicacies. I hope you enjoy these  treasured sounds as both a feast for the soul, and as a massage for the  ears, mind and chakras."

Dr. Patagonia, Poet


The Wizard

As a child, Ambika Devi filled the margins of her notebooks with original stories, drawings and poetry. This mystified her teachers but thankfully that did not stop her.

She went on to write her first novel Lilith which was a finalist in the 2015 International Book Awards in the category of Spiritual Fiction. This was followed by her second book Unfolding Happiness a treatise of happiness, health and Ayurveda which was named one of the  Top Hundred Indie published books of 2016 under her newly hatched  house, Mythologem Press.

Ambika's backpack is stuffed with colored pens, a journal, a Kindle, a passport, and a deck of Tarot Cards.  Her lifelong romance with the written word and belief that storytime is  the sweet medicine of existence keep her connected with academia.   Currently Ambika is Dean of Psychic Arts and Professor of Divination,  Healing, Psychic Arts and Magickal Practices for the Grey School of Wizardry and she is a mentor for Yoga-Samskrutham University.

Ambika  spends a lot of time floating in the cosmic ocean. Her loving humor,  mystical wisdom and colorful cosmic insight fly off the pages of her  books and into the hearts of her readers.

One of Ambika's poems from the book

My life as a bee May 13, 2016©Ambika Devi

Fed to me by the devoted

For a fortnight

I fatten

Translucent snowy white

No room for us here in the hive I have known all my life

Along with my sentries

We take flight



then the beautiful benevolent roar of a new hive

honey dripping magic

Shiny silken fur flashing  



Rifling out offspring

Purposeful existence

Meditation is

Truly there are only three entry points into meditation.

1. Physical movement such a a sport, dance, walking running or cleaning. This can easily trip the brain into a trance as the potential brainwaves fire every 90 seconds.

2. Creative visualization, guided meditation, or hypnotic suggestion.

These first two are ways to settle into meditation.

True Meditation is accomplished by these three things:

1. Sit up straight.

2. Close the eyes.

3. Focus on the breath coming in and out of the nostrils paying close attention to the quality of the air across the inside front edges of the nostrils.

That is it.

People often confuse the gateways and triggers to help get into meditation as the act of meditating.

When the body finds the state of meditation and is in need of sleep—it usually sleeps. Let it! This is very rejuvenative! Go with it.

Visualization is just that. Imagining is just that.

Guided Meditation is a great choice to help the body relax which in turn allows the mind to relax. 

Give it a try!

You can find more about the art of meditation and my philosophy on my blog.

What's igniting me now?


Mentoring Speakers

Mentoring Speakers


The first Mystery Schools of Wizards like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, and Ptolemy gave us Classical Education. At Grey School you earn a magickal, Classical Education from our secular School of Wizardry. Learn in the comfort of your home, or where ever you have internet connection. Grey School of Wizardry is available to you online, right where you are now. In fact, you are just a few clicks away from your first class at Grey School.

Now you can Major in Meditation and Apprentice with me!

Mentoring Speakers

Mentoring Speakers

Mentoring Speakers


You are one talk away from your next big sale, your book being a best seller, next big pay raise, and millions of followers!

I have been mentoring speakers through Toastmasters and am now ready to help you take your message to the stage! 

Book a coaching session

Let's Transform your next event!

Engage me as a speaker!


Mentoring Speakers


Meditate with Ambika Devi Yogini Yoda

I  began meditating at the age of six. At 17 I received my first Yoga  teaching certification. I have been trained in six schools two of them  being ashram lineages. I realized early on that the practice of Yoga is  to relax us into being able to meditate.  In 2012 I received a Masters  degree from the Hindu University in the teaching of Yoga and Meditation

My  two favorite techniques to teach to students are Pranayama—Yogic  breathing techniques and Primordial sound techniques. I find these give  beginners a strong tangible experience of what the meditative state  feels like through all of their senses.  





I found my way to Zentangle as part of my research for my PhD dissertation looking for unique ways to connect people to meditation and getting them to want to do it.  With a Bachelors of Fine Arts in my pocket and my love of Meditation  in 2016 I became a CZT, a Certified Zentangle® Teacher.

As you practice the Zentangle Method, you discover that not only can you create beautiful art, you also can increase your focus and create a different mood and state of mind.

Zentangle is taught by CZTs, CertifiedZentangle Teachers. A Zentangle practice builds on the Zentangle Method of simple deliberate strokes which build on each other in beautiful, mesmerizing and surprising ways.





As your Expert Astrologer I show you how to reach your highest potential, clarify your relationships, identify dates and times for events, areas of success and abundance, give you the perfect timing and explain yearly themes and trends. Transform with me as your coach and mentor, change your patterns and harmonize your life.   

My passion for Astrology began when I was a child through my favorite  books about mythology. I began formal education at age 12. By age 14, I  was giving consultations to my friends. I continued on with my education  with many great astrologers and spent a decade as an apprentice and  ghost writer with Barbara Shere, who wrote for Sedona Journal magazine  for more than a decade before her passing. Barbara's gift for  interpreting natal charts and Astrocartography also known as locational  astrology are foundation stones in my practice.





I picked up my first deck of Tarot cards at the age of 7, began reading  professionally in 1972 and am a Certified Grand Tarot Master with the Tarot Guild.

 By offering Tarot Readings I am integrating these concepts:
Our paths of healing and discovery are one and the same. We as individuals perceive and grow in our own unique ways. The answers are always there, we only need to ask and then receive the answers.

The cards are a beautiful self-actualization tool and trigger for meditation.

Ambika Devi Astrology Meditation relationship communication change life-coach counselor wizard learn

Love offerings

Thank Ambika and support her mission!  

Contact Ambika

I am looking forward to hearing from you!