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Ambika Devi, Expert Astrologer

Life is how you Planet!

Keep Looking up!
The stars are here to guide us and I am your navigator.

As your Expert Astrologer I answer questions about relationships, relocation, career and timing for individuals, couples, and businesses.

Ready to learn more about you?

Keep Looking up! The stars are here to guide us and I am your navigator.

As your Expert Astrologer I answer questions about relationships, relocation, career and timing for individuals, couples, and businesses.

Ready to learn more about you?

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Astrology with Ambika Devi

My motto is, “Life is how you planet, keep looking up! The stars are here to guide us and I am your navigator!” In addition to my work as an astrologer for periodicals and as an astrological relationship expert on TLC. I have conducted group and private sessions for international resorts, high-profile clients, and many seekers. Ready to experience success and happiness? I invite you to read this article on my blog to begin your understanding of fundamental facts about astrology. Are you ready to transform? Let’s get started!

Subjects Ambika Addresses include:

Relationships & Love

Career Path & Money

Health & Happiness

Spirituality & Self-discovery

Locational Astrology

Potentials & life-path

Relationships & Love

Career Path & Money

Health & Happiness

Spirituality & Self-discovery

Locational Astrology

Potentials & life-path

Virtual consultations

My journey with Astrology

My journey of consulting as an astrologer began for friends using astrology in the 70s. Formal training began when I was 19. In the 80s I met Barbara Shere and began my apprenticeship. In the 90s Barbara hired me to be her ghostwriter helping with copy for her website and articles for Sedona Journal Magazine formerly called Sedona Times. Barbara taught me spectacular techniques of Astro-cart-ography, also known as Astro-locality.
In 2000, I met Penny Thornton, a world-famous relationship astrologer at the Astrological Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. She convinced me to enroll in the college, after analyzing my natal chart. I took her advice and began studies for my degree. During my time at the Astrological Institute, the owner died and the school was taken over by one of her favorite clients who owned RainStar University—an institute of holistic health where I was a professor. I graduated from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies in Scottsdale, Arizona, in August 2003 with a title in Tropical Astrology consulting.
Following graduation, I worked as a relationship astrologer for the show Second Chance on TLC and gave sessions through Marriott Spas at two of their resorts in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona through 2007. During those years I was also the astrologer in residence at two metaphysical stores in Scottsdale and wrote for The Spanglish Times news magazine as a columnist under the pen-name la Chica del las Estrellas. There I published monthly forecasts and 90-word horoscopes for each sign as well as a relationship advice column. The paper partnered with 95.1 FM where I appeared as a personality and gave live Astrology reports and relationship advice.
As your Expert Astrologer, I identify your highest potential, giving you insight and skills to navigate your soul’s journey. This knowledge increases your levels of communication and strengthens connections in all of your relationships. When there are untapped areas of manifestation in your chart, I shine light upon them and guide you to realize your life’s dreams and goals, helping you manifest them.

Speaking for the Happiness Foundation of Florida

Celebrating the Total Eclipse of the Sun

Ambika Devi beaming light and knowledge on Astrology, Astronomy, and Mythology in celebration of the Total Eclipse of the Sun April 8, 2024 in a special event hosted by the Happiness Foundation of Florida.

Astrology is based on Date with MM/DD/YYYY, Time HH:MM, and Location.
This data is needed for each person and event in your inquiry.

Astrology Consultations

Astrology is a language that communicates interrelations. Everything in the universe is connected and in dynamic flux. Astrology is not a causative language. It is a codification of the story of life. Astrology addresses the invisible ocean of the cosmos, giving us possibilities of choice for navigation. The messages of the heavenly bodies are received by all beings. What we do with the information depends upon free will and personal choice. Therefore, astrology does not predict the future, but rather suggests a way to navigate it.

Astrology is a beautiful story of light and its journey in the cosmos. All things and beings are frozen light. Light is consciousness. Astrologers are the interpreters and guides for the masses to reclaim their stories. Astrologers are the conveyors of the communications that create this wonderful cosmos we call home.

Great Astrologers explain your true nature and tell you the story of who you came to be!

Begin with a Natal Session

The Day, Time and Place of your birth give you a unique mapping of the stars. Find out the potentials of your inner workings. Insights into: Love, Money, Health and Inspiration are revealed. Session includes a Printed Natal Chart Mandala..
Understand the strengths and challenges of your relationship. This can be any type of relationship including business, mate, family member or potential partner. Natal Consultations are part of the couple's session if first time clients..
The place where you move to and take up residence changes the potentials of your Natal Chart. When embarking on a new project, considering location strongly changes the outcome. This is Add-on to a Natal Consultation..
Each year the Sun returns to its exact mathematical position of your birth setting themes for coming year. Find out the themes and trends of the current year and the year to come. Session includes a Solar return Chart. This is Add-on to a Natal Consultation..
Each day, week and month the cosmic sky changes. Contact with these shifts alters our feelings and offers new possibilities. Find out how to make use the energy of the stars by knowing their influences upon you. This is an Add-on to a Natal Consultation..
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Tarot Sessions

Tarot is an ancient art of divination based on the Kabala. The deck of 78 Cards contains information of the past, present and future. The power of random as fate in the tradition of Carl Jung is utilized to interpret the many aspects of your life. Administered in private sessions, available for parties.

Guidance is here for you! Ask Questions, receive answers.

This is as much a healing session as it is a journey in self discovery..
Ambika is available for Private Parties, Lessons, & Group sessions. Please use the contact form to inquire..


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Is Astrology for you?


Your first Astrology consultation is an interpretation of your Natal Astrology. This is based on the Date, Time and Location of your birth. The moment you were born created a blueprint unique to you. This is a mapping of the where the Sun, Moon and Planets in relationship to your specific location on earth were at the moment of your first breath. The information is in a language that an Astrologer interprets. The realms covered include the strengths and challenges of life concerning: Love, Finance, Health and Higher Knowledge. One's purpose and path are all revealed with this information. Any moment in time possesses such information, therefore all events have natal charts and can be interpreted as such.


Personal Astrology is the distinct mapping of
planetary placements and their unique influences at the time of and individual's birth. A Natal or Birth chart is as individual as a thumb print. Any point in time may be used to create a chart. Therefore any moment or an event comes into play. By comparing a Natal chart with the current positions of the planets, personal effects and trends in your life can be addressed.

The comparison of two natal charts is used for compatibility in business as well as intimate relationships. Members of organizations can be
compared to view family, group and tribal
hierarchy to gain a clear view of where individuals
fit in.

Astro-locality also known as Astro-Cart-ography is a specialized view of how specific places and people from those places effect you. A natal chart is cast upon the map of the world with specialized software to give clear information regarding

Timing and projection give potentials and propensities. I am here to interpret all of this for you.


Astrology is a language and art form based on the science of astronomy. Astrology uses location, time and mathematical angles to produce its information. An Astrologer weaves the information together and tells the story of the chart being used in a consultation.

Tarot is a deck of cards that is shuffled by the client with an intent in mind. The Tarot consultant then lays out a spread and interprets the information contained within the icons of the numbers, symbols and images of the cards.

Both are interpretive processes. Astrology is based on an individuals birth information. Tarot is the random draw of the cards.


Both will address specific questions. Astrology is based on information specific to the individual. Tarot is a random spread of cards. It is totally a matter of personal taste. The mapping of the movement of the planets is readily available, forecasting is a natural part of an Astrological Consultation. Please keep in mind as your Astrologer, I am here to help you realize your potential to the best of your ability.


A psychic uses their higher self and mind to interpret a querent's question. An Astrologer is trained in the Language of Astrology, Astronomy and Math as well as being well versed in Mythology to interpret charts and the information they possess. Psychics can be Astrologers. Astrologers can be psychic but these are two separate styles however in me, you have both!

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More about Ambika

My professors at NorthStar Collage of Astrological Studies included Darrell Harris, known for her expert abilities with timing prediction in Las Vegas, NV. Penny Thornton was on board for relationship astrology, and Philip Sedgwick the king of Galactic Astrology taught Ambika Astronomy, Calculus for chart calculation, creative writing and advanced theory. In addition, I trained with Psychologist Sophia Howland. This honed my counseling skills and knowledge of psychological science and mythology.
I have consulted for sales teams, police and fire departments, and international bankers. A success story is a team leader at IBM who I was on retainer for guiding them with strategies for success. During our time together their rating went from the low 500’s to a spot in the top 50 for the company. I spent six years as the Shaman in Residence at the Revive Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona conducting private and group sessions for guests. I continue to be an active contributing expert for online communities, and writing articles on my blog as well as appearing on radio shows, podcasts, and live-streams. The topics of astrology and cosmology are woven into my books.

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