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Why choose Astrology?

Universal movement has been recorded for more than 25,000 years and long celebrated as divine order. Tracking the journey of our Sun and Moon dancing to create the solstices and equinoxes has long been charted and honored. Stellar configurations and placements have been the essence of ritual practices for millennia. The path of our Moon guides us and gives us the best times for planting and harvesting. All creatures are effected by the cycles of these circles within circles as far back as history reaches.

Astrology is a language of inter-relatedness. Everything in the universe is connected. Everything in the universe is in dynamic flux. Astrology is not a causative language. It is a written language of the story of life. This unfolds for the seeker through beautiful archetypes, mythology, and illustrative metaphors.

We can think of the language of Astrology as a cosmic code or sidereal shorthand in its charting of cycles. It is likened to the radio waves that give a plane the suggestion of where to go—yet, do not actually guide the plane. Though not tangible to the passengers—the waves are ever present. Likewise, the vibrations from the heavenly spheres are always there but they are not necessarily noticed and felt by everyone.

Astrology addresses the invisible ocean of the cosmos, giving us possibilities of choice we can make to negotiate our way through life. The messages of the spheres are received by all beings. What we do with the information is a result of our free will and the choices we make. Therefore, astrology does not predict the future, but rather suggests a way to navigate it.

If life is a spy novel, astrology is the collection of clues to help us discover the best solution for an outcome. Any given astrological chart is a map of where the planets are at a particular point in time. This is superimposed upon a system of mapping seasons and changes. A birth chart—also called a natal chart—is a road map of your mission along with briefing papers to help you through your contract for this lifetime.

The language of astrology is poetic, describing the characteristics of a person, events, or time periods. Held within its code is instructive information with great wisdom worth paying attention to. Our ancestors listened to the stars. They had a word describing when we do not pay attention to the cosmic cryptography which is: Disaster. This word literally means, against the stars. Dis, translates to go against and the meaning of aster, is star. Disaster is what occurs when we do not follow the instructions of the universe.

Astrology unfolds the beautiful story that has no beginning and no ending. All things and beings are frozen light. Light is consciousness. Astrologers are the interpreters and guides for the masses to reclaim their light through its stories. As your astrologer, I am a storyteller explaining the communications coming from this wonderful cosmos we call home weaving the tapestry of your possibilities.

As a client, working with me, I give you tools and knowledge so that you can gain clear answers to your burning questions as a result of your first session with me. During it, we will address topics including: Health and wellness, location, timing, and all of your potentials. If you need to pivot or change where you are living or what you are doing, if you want to get into a relationship, sustain your relationship or need help and support in leaving a relationship, I am here to be your guide. This is why I always say,

Life is how you planet. Keep looking up, the stars are here to guide you and I am your navigator!

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