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A Bull in a china shop, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 8, 2022

Are you ready for the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse happening at 16º 00′ Taurus November 8, 2022? I know that it is not that easy to prepare for intense shake-ups, even when we know that they are about to happen. The best way I know how to deal with unexpected blows, is to exhale and let go of the idea of what the outcome is going to be. This is why it is suggested to live in the present moment.

Please understand that I am the first person to prepare for things that I know are coming. I was always that kid who finished their papers well in advance of deadlines and watched as my classmates struggled with all-nighters while I played in nature and watched the stars and planets move across the sky.

At the time of each Full Moon, we experience the rooting and potential growth of the seeds planted during the lunation’s prior New Moon location. The wild bull we are facing up with right now had his beginning in the sign of Scorpio during our recent Partial Solar Eclipse on October 25th at 2º Scorpio. This promised emotional intensity given the shared rulership of Scorpio between the ancient emperor Mars and his modern planetary lord, Pluto.

You might wonder why I am bringing up rulership and not just taking about the signs alone. The reason is that rulerships create a dynamic relationship between the nature of a planet and they way they are behaving in a given chart. Both of these must be taken into consideration when attempting analysis. If you read my book, Unfolding Happiness, you are now understanding that you were born with a particular nature and as a result of what you have learned and been through along your life’s journey—you are now experiencing something slightly different.

When we analyze and Astrology chart, we must consider the true nature of a planet,

and its behavior in the sign that we find it in.

We must also consider its natural rulership and which planets rules the sign that it finds itself in.

Yes, there are lots of layers, math, and mythology involved in Astrology!

Both the signs Taurus which is an earth sign and the sign Scorpio, a water sign, are fixed in modality. This shows us that their natural tendencies are to be stubborn and sometimes stuck. Scorpio’s motto is I create while the slogan of Taurus is I have. The fixed nature of these signs can translate as boulders in the way for the bull and strong undercurrents of emotions for the Scorpion. These signs are opposite one-another in any given chart. Can you imagine a this-way-that-way seesaw of ideas?

Solar Eclipses happen at the time of a New Moon when the Sun and our Moon are at the exact same degree of the same sign.

Lunar Eclipses take place at the time of a Full Moon when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. Different from other Full Moon times, a Total Lunar Eclipse is when our planet, the Earth, blocks the light beamed to the moon by our Sun. Both Full Moon times and Lunar Eclipse times always have the same 180º balancing act.

When I place the Earth into a chart of a Lunar Eclipse, it looks like it is exactly in the same place as the Moon. I don’t usually use this point in my charts as it creates confusion for my clients and is a similar glyph to the Part of Fortune.

The Sun in astrology represents our core energy and determination while the Moon tells us what we long for and gives insight to our psyche and feelings. We are standing on our Earth in a particular location. When we are bulldozed by our feelings it can be challenging to act with decorum and all that flying debris, can make it a challenge to see clearly.

Let’s dive deeper into the astrology of this Lunar eclipse.

The good news is that each year during the month long reign of Scorpio that things seem to change a lot—sometimes rapidly. Does it seem to go fast for you too? For me, maybe it is because I was born at that beginning of the Suns yearly Scorpio sojourn when the arc of his journey speeds up a little bit. Another great factor is that the Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus practically whacking us upside the head to to clean up our acts. This is at a global level right now and going to pop up on repeat over the next six months as the spontaneous influence of Grandfather Uranus in conjunction with Luna is sure to set off all sorts of unusual alarms. Find your footing and get ready to sustain some of this in your relationships of all types.

On the other side of the see-saw sits the Sun flanked by our personal planets: Mercury who is in combustion. Combustion occurs when a planet is within one degree of our Sun. This eclipse has Mercury only seven space minutes behind our Sun.

Math break: There are 12 houses and 12 signs in an astrological chart comprising the 360º of the circle. Each of the signs has 30 degrees. Each space degrees has 60 Space Minutes. Each Space Minute equals four Earth Minutes. What do you think happens to communicationespecially through textingwhen it is being consumed by the ego mind? Communication is ruled by Mercury. The Ego-mind is ruled by the Sun. Be careful with your tongue! Mercury can spontaneously catch on fire at anytime during the next six months. Don’t let the overall lack of Fire as an element in this chart fool you!

Meanwhile, leading the Sun in this chart is Venus, the ruler of Taurus. Ah, the plot thickens. She is spurring the horses that run rampant through the mind with sexual and emotional intensity. Though Mars is not in aspect to either the Sun or the Moon in this lunation, how we get going on things is likely dragging, due to his current retrograde cycle. Let us not even begin to project what is yet to come when Mars turns Station Direct on January 12, 2023. On that day, he hits the brakes and then revs up to move forward revisiting the shadow his back-peddling has kicked up. I am hoping this helps our unified group consciousness. Let us please stay focused on positive auto suggestion. If you have not read my blog about this, please look for the title, Which works better: Affirmations, Mantras, or Prayers?

Neptune is wide enough to the position of Jupiter and is far enough away so as to not cause a great deal of confusion but please keep in mind that both are in the sign of Pisces. How this effects you depends on their transit to your natal chart. My own personal experience is that I am beginning to have more vivid dreams. Neptune rules the 12th house where the Scorpio stellium is, in the chart of this eclipse. The bottom line is that lots of water is flooding feelings causing the earth beneath our feet to feel squishy.

Do I see more flooding on our planet? Yes. Are my clients suffering due to their own emotional projections right now? Yes. What is the biggest cause of this suffering? The fixed energy of Scorpio and Taurus can be the culprit. I suggest practicing the master phrase in the blog article I mentioned earlier. That is the best way to cancel out negative thoughts and transform your self-hypnosis into positive, proactive energy.

Should you desire more guidance and a look at where this event is transiting your chart personally and my advice as to how to map your way through it, is to book a consultation with me here.

Keep looking up, the stars are here to guide us and I am your navigator!

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With gratitude, Ambika Devi