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Can You Bend Reality?

I have to confess something my hands are not that strong. I get stuck opening jars and I can’t do it without one of those little rubber mats to twist the lid off and I often use a can opener or something to pop the pressure out. So what you’re about to see isn’t a matter of my hand strength, something we all ask ourselves is can I really bend over change reality?

The first thing is to let go of obstacles. Easier said than done. We’re trying to figure out what no longer serves us but yet we cling on to them. These could show up as habits. They could be patterns of staying connected with certain people. They come in a variety of cloaks. So we need to get a handle on that.

When it comes to choosing we can use exterior tools we can even tap into another person and ask them questions. A coach, a counselor, a psychic. But we’ve got to find it in here because this, the center of the chest is the true pendulum to help us make choices.

We like to have proof and that is valid. We want to know that what we’re investing ourselves into what we are doing with our time what we’re doing with our energy and our resources is indeed making a difference. So it’s really, really important that we connect in here with our heart, and the best way to do that is to begin with your breath. Just noticing it. Just noticing what’s going on.

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You can think of a time when you felt happy, when you felt love and if you can tap into an exchange of love without letting it drag you into anything that occurred after—that’s going to even be more powerful. But that doesn’t work for everybody because they’ve gone through a lot and I understand if you resonate with that. So what about success? Can you tap into a time where you felt lower, and then you had a success? For some of us that works even better.

Reality can be stiff. It can be unforgiving, it can be changing and what I want you to understand is that you can bend it. You can warp it with your belief and your understanding of a time when you were able to bend reality and make changes and that reality opened up for you.

It was easy, it didn’t take a lot of pressure. But instead, you could take side steps and move and change and when you have a success and you’re able to make those changes. Then you can warp things and you believe in yourself and you have yet another stepping stone to give you support. When you have a grouping of them, you then have a history of times when you were able to twist and bend reality to do good for you and world around you.

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