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3 FREE Events October 19, 2023

Save the Date: October 19, 2023 and meet me for a series of 3 FREE events at the Palm Springs Public Library in the village of Palm Springs, Florida.
1:00 pm Writing Workshop
4:00 pm Meet the Author & Book Signing
5:30 pm Lecture Presentation
Contact the Library for further information and to reserve your seat. The Palm Springs Library is located in the Village of Palm Springs, Florida at: 217 Cypress Lane, Palm Springs, FL 33461
VOX 561-594-8350

Learn more about this event on YouTube

In the Writing workshop at 1:00 pm I am showing you how to use Astrological Signatures to create characters in your stories and poetry. Quite often we are aware of the feelings we want our reader to gain about the personality and the true nature of the people and pets we write about and Astrology is a fast track to creating these! No previous experience in writing or astrology is needed to enjoy this fascinating experience.

There will be a break before the next event so that you can go out and enjoy food at one of the lovely restaurants in the Village of Palm 

At 4:00 pm a Meet & Greet the Author, that’s me! 

I am an international award winning author of six books. You can read about and pre-purchase my books here today. Bring your copies with you to receive a signature and personalized message from me. I will have a limited amount of books on hand with me for purchase as well.

At 5:30 pm I am giving a lecture presentation where I demystify the concept of Mind, Body, and Spirit. If the idea of mindfulness and meditation has been confusing for you, I am sure that my tricks and tips of Mind-Taming as well as hands-on experiences in this talk are going to wow you!

All 3 of these events are sponsored by the Village of Palm Beach Library and are FREE to you!

I am looking forward to seeing you on October 19, 2023.

Are you curious about Astrology? I invite you read my in-depth article on the Fundamentals of Astrology to gain knowledge and get a jump on the workshop in October by beginning your learning about this fascinating art.

Would you like to explore your own astrological blueprint in a private session with me?

Learn more about my work as an astrologer here. As a client working with me, I unravel the hidden information in your natal chart so that you gain clear answers to your burning questions as well as giving you a map for the road ahead. We will address topics including: Health and wellness, location, timing, and all of your potentials. If you need to pivot or change where you are living or what you are doing, if you want to get into a relationship, sustain your relationship or need help and support in leaving a relationship, I am here to be your guide. This is why I always say,

Life is how you planet. Keep looking up, the stars are here to guide you and I am your navigator!

Book a one hour session with me here.

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