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मूलाधार चक्र Muladhara Chakra, the Root Chakra resides at the base of the chakra system. It is our connection point to all that is and fastens us to the web that has no weaver. Focusing on this chakra is the best way to begin each day or to help us regroup so that we can ground and center ourselves.

I have created this guided meditation for all of us using one of the most powerful tools we have in order to help us connect with Muladhara Chakra: Primordial sound. This is a banana to give the monkey-mind to calm it down.

The ideas in this guided meditation are inspired by the Shat Chakra NirUpanam in which we learn of the four बीज मन्त्र Bija Mantras associated with each of the four petals of Muladhara chakra, and its central seed sound. I have also added one of my favorite primordial sounds in addition to my voice of crashing waves recorded on a remote beach on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. These were captured by my dear friend and music producer, Liv Singh Khalsa for Invincible Music where you can find my album, Enchantment.

I invite you to learn more about the power of the chakras and their central seed sounds in my article, Accessing the Power of Your Sound, also found here on my blog.

The style I use in all of my guided meditations comes from a combination of योग निद्रा Yoga Nidra and Hypnosis.

For this guided meditation you are going to need 35 minutes devoted to relaxation in order to complete it. I also suggest a bit of quiet time be allotted for after so that you can ease into or back into the day. Though I often create guided meditations to help you get to sleep, I made this one specifically to help you begin a great day or to use when you crave a much needed break during the day.

It is said that a half hour session of Yoga Nidra gives you the equivalent of four hours of deep relaxing and rejuvenative sleep. Please send me a message to let me know how you feel after trying this and how the day went for you following your guided meditation experience. I look forward to hearing from you about this. You can message me here.

When you are ready to try this guided meditation out, click on the sound track at the top of this page. Please be sure that you are in a comfortable position lying down and that you can listen undisturbed for at least 40 minutes.

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हरि ॐ तत् सत् Hari AUM Tat Sat