Ambika Devi

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The many varieties of lotus flowers are incredibly beautiful. This flower grows with its roots held deep in absolute muck. Think about this, something so delicate and glowing, a flower with a subtle scent that floats above perceived mud and mire.

The mind dumps muddy thoughts on us constantly. We pick up and notice a handful in our consciousness as we move throughout our days. How can we create ways to rise above these?

The lotus has many petals which seem to glow. The colors are phenomenal if we can get close enough to observe them by wading through the sludge.

Imagine that the lotus flower is where the true you is seemingly stuck in a muddy pool of thought. Notice the layers of beauty in the form of the lotus flower. Then, notice your own! We all suffer in life and we all experience incredible high-points.

Think of a mountain in the sunlight. You might be looking at the light shining or you may notice the shadows cast. The choice is yours. Energy follows attention. We are each responsible for this.

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हरि तत् सत् Hari AUM Tat Sat,
Ambika Devi