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Estimated Time: 7 days – 20 minute sessions

Difficulty: All Levels


End Sleep Envy
Stop telling 2:00 a.m. your secrets

This is a seven day course packed with unique methods to help you create a soothing environment for deep, luscious sleep that takes you all the way through the night. You will awaken in the morning refreshed and happy.

Each day you will receive a short video lesson in which Ambika teaches you how to make adjustments in your environment that help to change your ability to sleep. In each daily lesson she introduces you to a new breathing technique of Pranayama from the Ancient Art of Yoga. Once you learn the “Breath of the Day” technique you have the option of an audio only track to guide you through the practice as needed until you can do it on your own.

Each day you also receive a guided meditation to be used at night soothing you with Ambika’s richly relaxing voice that has earned her to be the most listened to expert on The Meditation Podcast. Each guided meditation is a different style and you are sure to find several that you can depend on to help you to get to sleep or get back to sleep if you have found that you are awakened in the night. Upon completion of the course you are also given bonus guided meditation tracks to use as you please. Just remember to set your alarm if you are listening in the afternoon in case you need to be somewhere!

In End Sleep Envy Ambika teaches you tricks and gives you priceless tips to help you get a great night’s sleep. Whether falling asleep or getting back to sleep is the issue, these techniques will help you end sleep envy and stop telling 2:00 a.m. your secrets!

Meet Your Instructor Ambika Devi

Ambika Devi has devoted her life to the study and teaching of meditation. Her years of teaching the ancient art of Pranayama, the breath work of Yoga, and decades of teaching Holistic Health are what she uses herself to overcome being a light sleeper.

What You’ll Learn

Day 1: Untangling

  • Ambika teaches you about the mind connection to sleep.
  • Today’s breath of the day gives you an instant sensation of quieting the mind.
  • Tonight’s guided meditation helps you untangle the mind and relax into a deep sleep.

Day 2: Comfort

  • Ambika gives you hacks for your sleeping environment.
  • Today’s breath of the day is an ancient technique to help you conquer the mind.
  • Tonight’s guided meditation relaxes the mind into the witness state of non-reaction.

Day 3: Water

  • Ambika teaches you about something you drink every day and dips into new information about it.
  • Today’s breath of the day is a technique to relax the body and still the mind.
  • Tonight’s guided meditation guides you to float gently and easily into a deeply relaxing sleep.

Day 4: Sunshine

  • You drink and bathe in water every day. Today Ambika teaches you about another vital energy you should be soaking in.
  • Today’s breath of the day is a technique that you can use to rid yourself of stress and frustration.
  • Tonight’s guided meditation invites and inspires your imagination to create a deeply restful sleep.

Day 5: Walking

  • Today Ambika explains a motion you do every day that you likely are not getting enough off.
  • Today’s breath of the day holds the secret of calming and cooling, or warming and energizing – depending on how you use it.
  • Tonight’s guided meditation creates a cocoon of comfort soothing you into a deep night’s sleep.

Day 6: Unplugging

  • Ambika gives you more hacks for your environment to give you the sleep you crave.
  • Today’s breath of the day creates integration and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit.
  • Tonight’s guided meditation helps you to sink into a deep night’s sleep.

Day 7: Slowing down

  • Get rid of stress with the soothing environment tips and tricks that Ambika has for you.
  • Today’s breath of the day is cooling and refreshing.
  • Tonight’s guided meditation is perfect if you find yourself agitated or hot in the night to help you ease into a deep night’s sleep.

Great Feedback:

“At an intensive writing retreat going into the depths of my mind and soul as taxing as running a marathon I experienced Ambika completing our creative time with guided meditations. She started by leading us in a practice of self- massage on our heads to help start the relaxation process. Within minutes, I was on a different level of existence–followed by a half hour in a deeply restorative nap. After that meditation, I experienced a blissful night’s sleep and awoke refreshed, feeling creative and ready for another day of writing. This class has it all!”

Amy Lenardson

“Ambika’s melodious voice and vast knowledge of energy and all the body’s systems, means you can relax and trust she will guide you to exactly the right place of surrender, and when you let go, it allows you to experience deep and total rest. I was literally knocked out by her guided meditation! “

Ruth Owen

“Ambika has an exquisite and masterful way of walking you into deep, nourishing, and restorative sleep through her guided meditations with her precise wording and medicinal presence. Her meditations allow your body to trust itself, to let go, and let true rest escort you home!”


“Ambika is the most listened to voice and contributor on my Meditation Podcast. I receive positive testimonials regularly from my listeners about their success with sleep in response to Ambika’s guided meditation for dreamers. In interviews she shares an unbelievable wealth of knowledge. I am always amazed by her and know that this course is going to give you a great deal of value. “

Roy Coughlan

What You Get:

  • The complete End Sleep Envy course, accessible on on all devices: Android, iOS, Desktop and tablet
  • 7 daily lessons, including 7 soothing nighttime guided meditations that give you deep lucious sleep through the night
  • 2 BONUS Concentration and Centering guided meditations
  • Lifetime access to the course and future updates

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