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Have you been trying to manifest something new in your life? Maybe it’s a new job or a relationship and then as you’re going through it, you’re really excited. You’re attracted. There’s that romance period of this is great. This is the best! I’ve never had something like this and then it starts to lose its sparkle.

Then it either drifts off on its own. It goes silent. You don’t feel seen you don’t feel heard. You don’t feel like you’re processing anything. Well, it may not be that you’re doing the wrong thing being attracted. But, it could be that you’re being attracted to the same type. This could be in any kind of relationship, whether it’s friends, a situation with a family member, a work opportunity, or an intimate relationship.

We have to look at what we’re being attracted to. A lot of us have grown up thinking that there’s just the one, there’s just that one thing, that’s right for me. When it comes to work situations, we’re often taught this as we’re growing up because we’re praised for topics in school that we’re really, really good at. When it comes to relationships, maybe we’ve had successes with particular types of people in our family, with our friends, and then as we start to date and look at prospects for partners. But I do see a repeated pattern in people that come to me for advice and coaching that they keep hitting the same wall repeatedly.

Now it was Rita Mae Brown, who wrote the phrase, “The definition of insanity is repeating the same action expecting a different outcome.” It was Einstein, who got the creds on that, so I just want to set the record straight.

When we keep looking for something, or wanting to manifest it, but we keep letting ourselves be attracted to the same qualities, this is our sign, it’s our cue to back up and then really ask ourselves, what do I really want? What are my must haves in that new job, in that relationship, with that friend or family member that we’re even already in a relationship with. Then take some time out so you can create a list of what you really love, what you really want, and what you don’t want to tolerate ever again.

When we can get clear on our must haves and our non negotiables, then we can start manifesting and that’s when I can really teach you to create what you really want in life.

We all deserve to find happiness and harmony, but it’s really important to understand that no relationship comes without lessons. Relationships are big giant classrooms filled with lessons and we have to be ready, willing, and able to go through those lessons and so does the partner or the friend or the family member or the people and colleagues that we work with.

It’s true, there’s going to be authority, there’s going to be the person that has to listen to authority. There’s going to be an axis, it could be a giver and a taker and you might have heard me talk about this before. But what we have to realize is who we are in that formula, and then we have to decide what do we really want.

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In all relationships we have to give in. There is no perfect match-up, especially when it comes to intimate relationships. I think a lot of people are chasing that perfect soulmate and I do believe because in the law of physics, that particles travel in pairs, and we most likely come in with a paired soul. It goes with these laws that we’ve created in science. But do we have to end up with that person? Or are they existing on the other side of the planet? Like a polar chakra that I see when I do locational astrology.

You see where we’re born, has a particular energy that sprouts out of it in what are called Local Space lines and then on the other side of the planet is its polar opposite, holdings space and grounding that energy but the two don’t meet.

They exist. So I’d love to know your feelings and thoughts about this.

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