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Mercury Retrograde August 23, 2023

Our third Mercury Retrograde for the year has arrived today and this time the swift messenger is doing is back peddling in one of his own signs, Virgo. This is an earth sign and Mercury is an air planet. What happens when we mix earth and air ? We get dust storms and this clouds over our vision and our senses.

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Mercury Retrogrades always inspire us to look back and give us an opportunity to go back over situations and thoughts. Especially in this case with Virgo because the sign of Virgo really wants us to pull apart and analyze things.So, have you already been finding that you’re looking back at what has occurred over the last few months? Have you been feeling old relationships re-surge? They can wash up just like shells on a shore during a Mercury Retrograde. Now Mercury can be seen as representing the lower mind—if you think of thoughts and the mind as a building with different stories. Jupiter the higher mind. The saving grace in this Mercury Retrograde is that he will be making contact with Jupiter three times.He already did this on August 9. So, go back in your calendar or the diary that you keep or even your dream journal and have a look at what was going on on August 9. Especially if you logged a dream either on the eighth or the ninth because the opposite sign of Virgo is Pisces and Pisces rules the dream realm and the 12th house. Whereas Virgo rules the sixth house. The every day and our hygiene.

Now, when I say hygiene it’s not just about washing your body, but it’s what you’re taking in, especially through your mouth in what you’re eating, but also in your environment. What has been going on in these last few weeks as far as your habits with media that you’re consuming in TV, books, music—has your tastes changed at all?

The next time that Mercury makes contact with Jupiter is going to be on September 4, and then a third time on September 25. These are going to be key points and again, I encourage you to keep dream journal and keep a watch on these dates. This is going to give you some really interesting information.Jupiter is the higher mind. We can also see that Mercury is the way we learn things in little bites of information. The first steps and learning a new technique or taking a new course. A lot of people have just gone back to school or started a new pursuit in a new form of education. Maybe it’s at a higher level and this is Jupiter.

The Chart of Today’s Mercury Retrograde

We’re not out of the woods yet for Mercury retrogrades. We’re going to have one more this year and it begins on December 13, and goes all the way through January 1. What a way to begin a new year. It does inspire us to have those resolutions that we talk about. But my encouragement to you is start figuring it out right now and set those new habits in motion.

As matter of fact if you want my help with this, why not have a coaching session? We can look at exactly where Mercury is retrograding and effecting your chart. You see, it’s one thing to say a big chunked up idea like Mercury’s retrograding but let’s look even more closely at it. He’s retrograding in the sign of Virgo beginning at 21 degrees and 47 minutes.

Every four Earth minutes equals one space degree. I know there’s some math involved there. So he’ll begin at 21°47 and he’ll retrograde back to eight degrees. So if you’ve got points in your chart that are Virgo eight degrees to 21° or almost 22° or any other planets that are directly aspecting at angles particularly the squares conjuncts and opposition’s to those points. Then we need to talk about it.

Are you ready for a deep dive to learn more about your natal chart and to find out which planets are dancing in the cosmos just for you? I am looking forward to illuminating this for you. As a client, working with me, I unravel the hidden information in your chart so that you can gain clear answers to the burning questions and map out the road ahead in your sessions with me. We will address topics including: Health and wellness, location, timing, and all of your potentials. If you need to pivot or change where you are living or what you are doing, if you want to get into a relationship, sustain your relationship or need help and support in leaving a relationship, I am here to be your guide. This is why I always say,

Life is how you planet. Keep looking up, the stars are here to guide you and I am your navigator!

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