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Requisite binding

Holding us on Fortune’s Wheel


Is it really possible to laugh your final laugh? I don’t think so. What I believe is that we can only go as high as we are able to low. If we’ve hit those high notes, those mind-blowing hair standing on end with rippling electricity underneath the surface of our skin, then it is inevitable: We have to slide down to a low note. Maybe we stay there for a while rattling around in a bass riff. I know there are times we get so lonely and just crave some reassurance. The truth is, that we must find this inside of ourselves

I want you to know that it is okay to reach out and ask for comfort. Holding onto to patterns of thought gets us into trouble. It can make us lose our minds in a moment when taking more than just one deep breath would serve better.

Yogi’s say there are three knots that bind us to the wheel of Samsara. This is the cycle of births and deaths. It is the Wheel of Fortune card in the deck of Tarot.

X The Wheel of Fortune

That circle means you hit the jackpot but not in the way you were anticipating. Hold on tight as this is a wild ride you are on and maybe repeating past patterns.

Avidya is the first knot. This is our ignorance. It is a big reason why we are here. It is for learning and the evolution of everything. It’s not anyone’s fault. We all have to learn in order to do better and better each time we gain the opportunity to go for another spin.

The next knot is Kama-desire. To harmonize these two mighty forces is quite simple. Give to others. Give gratitude. Give.

The third knot is Karma. It is action. You do not need to think of it any more deeply than that.

Each action is like a seed that has the potential to take root, sprout and grow to go to drop more seeds then whither. Imagine just one seed being a lesson full of experiences that effect all of our senses.

We are feathering fractals, vibrating creating an illusion that we are separate, split from the One True Self learning more about energy.

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हरि तत् सत् Hari AUM Tat Sat,
Ambika Devi