Day 5: Walking

I am so happy to see you today! Did you try the pat down last night? I hope you are giving everything a try that I am suggesting. The more you experimentthe better your chances of finding techniques that will annihilate insomnia. One thing that is so important for me is walking. If for some reason you are unable to walk, I suggest another form of movement and definitely going outside to breathe fresh air every day.

I love going for long walks in the morning and I hope today’s video is going to inspire you to join me. Did you enjoy the extra information I shared with you yesterday about scents? I have bonus information for you today about products to use in your mouth.

Breath of the Day: Single Nostril Breathing

Today I teach an easy, Single Nostril breathing technique that can calm your body, mind and spirit, or rev you up, awaken you, and stimulate digestion!

Tonight’s Guided Meditation: Comforting Sleep

The guided meditation I have for you tonight creates a soothing cocoon of comfort to get you into deep sleep.

Be sure to download the meditation and put your device in airplane mode so it is safe to keep by your sleeping location. Sweet dreams!

Bonus information from today’s lesson

Here is an informal video of my oral and nasal care routine.

Here are the links I promised in my oral and nasal care routine video:


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